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Student Life

As a school, Christ the King Jesuit College Prep is unique in that it calls all members of its community—students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators—to work toward a common mission and vision. In a school culture of peace and excellence, Christ the King provides an educational opportunity that can transform students, families and the larger community. The transformative spirit found at Christ the King will extend beyond the school to engage the life of the West Side communities it serves.

Through academics, activities and leadership opportunities, athletics, campus ministry, service and work, Christ the King students will thrive and grow in an environment that provides the uniquely Jesuit fundamental of cura personalis – care of the whole person.

In addition to the broader Graduate at Graduation goals of Christ the King, the Graduation Outcomes below are an outline of what a graduate should be able to do by the time he or she successfully finishes the academic, co-curricular, spiritual, service and work program at Christ the King Jesuit College Prep.  

Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements, graduates of Christ the King Jesuit College Prep will be able to:

  • write a coherent essay that argues or defends a thesis;
  • read critically and with comprehension for a variety of purposes;
  • conduct comprehensive, relevant, focused research;
  • study, learn, read and speak a language other than English and culture(s) associated with that language;
  • demonstrate critical knowledge in various subject areas and apply it;
  • develop the passion to become a lifelong learner;
  • articulate and argue persuasively, civilly, and accurately from evidence and listen accurately and fairly to others;
  • demonstrate mathematical skills that are appropriate for becoming a competitive college student;
  • serve and reflect on service as a means of experiencing love for self, others, community and God;
  • understand matters of faith informed by Christian, Catholic and Jesuit perspectives;
  • articulate their own sense of faith in the context of a wider world;
  • reflect on and articulate how their cultural identity affects their understanding of and relationships with individuals and society ;
  • evaluate ethical, moral and social implications of a variety of academic and non-academic situations;
  • interact effectively with teams in academic, co-curricular and work settings;
  • synthesize their work and academic experiences;
  • demonstrate improvement and growth in performing their jobs and reflecting on their work experiences; and
  • demonstrate an ability to manage a full schedule of college preparatory academics, work experience and co-curricular activity.




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