Christ The King Jesuit College Preparatory School



A team of dedicated CTK staff members completed the challenge of running 200 miles to support our students in about 30 hours.  This year's Ragnar Relay course took Team RUN CTK north from Chicago eventually ending in beautiful Madison, WI. Our goal was to help fund the purchase of Chromebook computers for our sophomores - 200 miles for 100 Computers. Chromebooks are critical to improving our students' academic performance, preparing them for college, and building the technical skills necessary to compete in the 21st century economy. By reaching our goal of raising a total of $30,000, we are able to purchase 100 computers for our students. 

THANK YOU to all who supported the CTK team and our students. We are grateful for your generosity and hope you take great pride in the important difference that your gift will make for our students.

We have already started planning our next Ragnar Relay.  If you think you might be interested in running with us next year, please email RUN CTK team coordinator, Shea Stine at 


Team RUNCTK - Why are you running?


Dan Ziemniak – Social Studies Teacher & Track Coach 

"Our students are so deserving. I'm inspired by our role in bridging the gap between what we believe our students deserve, and what they are currently afforded."


Mosie Duhe - CTK CWSP Coordinator
"Each day, our students display a perfect example of what it takes to complete a Ragnar - teamwork, grit, and lots of heart!"


Michael Laughlin -  Math Teacher
"My students deserve to have technology in the classroom. If running 200 miles can help raise the money necessary, I'm all in."

Juan Fuentes - Director of Technology star
"I enjoy being part of the Clanning TK team. We do everything possible to provide what we strongly believe is best for our students."


Jimmy Bajner - Athletic Director, Math & Psychology Teacher
"I am trying to show my students that obstacles and challenges should not be things that limit you in life. Obstacles are simply things that provide you with opportunities to achieve new learning experiences."

Shea Stine - Jesuit Volunteer
"Watching our students grow and learn via school resources, like Chromebooks, motivates me to run. Technology provides them with the skill set needed to excel in the classroom and at work."