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Founding CWSP Job Sponsors

Thank you to our 11 Founding Corporate Work Study Partners who have employed students for all 10 years of CTK's existence: 
ABC Bank
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen, P.C.
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
 CME Group
Community Investment Corporation
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
MB Financial Bank
McShane Construction
O'Keefe Lyons & Hynes, LLC
 Reyes Holdings
Please see below for expanded profiles on the partnerships with a few of the above organizations.
MB Financial Bank                                                                                                                  

MB Financial makes a concerted effort to provide a meaningful work experience for CTK students by listening to their interests and placing them in a department where they will learn and thrive. It starts with company-wide buy-in to the importance of CTK’s work study program and the two-way benefits it provides to both the students and MB. There a few MB employees who have particularly embraced their roles as mentors and trainers to the 39 CTK students who have interned there, including three members of the Jones family, Deja ’16, Vada ’18, and Jarmal ‘20.

Jose Hernandez supervises the IT trainees, and describes the CTK work study program as “outstanding.” “It’s a great tool for the students, helping them to learn valuable skills that prepare them for college and life.”  He also sees their presence at MB as helping to “keep things fresh” for full-time employees.

Tony Calhoun is the Facilities Manager at MB, handling a daily list of service requests that are instrumental in keeping the company running smoothly.  He willingly takes CTK students’ under his wing, teaching them how to multi-task, deal with challenges and put in the effort necessary to complete a wide range of tasks.    Tony said he would recommend the CWSP to other companies, saying that “the kids work hard and help to get things done, and the MB employees feel good about helping to mold them, teaching life lessons and setting them on the path for future success.”

Both Tony and Jose, mentioned the three members of the Jones family who have interned at MB as part of the CTK work study program.  After starting as reserved underclassmen, the oldest two developed under the tutelage of these MB mentors into confident contributors.  Both supervisors shared stories about Vada’s growth at MB.  Jose spoke of encouraging Vada to be open with him and ask questions, so he could complete assigned tasks effectively.  Tony shared how Vada had earned his respect by quickly grasping how to work on something after being told one time how to do it.  Tony went on to say, “I’d like to see Vada in 10 years, where he’s working and what he’s doing.  I believe he’ll be successful.” When he is, he’ll likely look back on his experience at MB and what he learned from both Jose and Tony as being instrumental to his success.

Community Investment Corporation (CIC)

As its name indicates, Community Investment Corporation is committed to community building.  The Austin area remains high on its list for lending investment, with long term relationships established in that community, including with Christ the King, having employed 40 students over the last 10 years. CTK students typically start as freshman and continue to work in the CIC offices for 4 years, and sometimes beyond.  Monica Kirby, CIC’s Office Manager praised the initiative of previous students like Kyara Lee ‘12 who worked during summers and school breaks while in college. Current intern, Arianna ’18 was cited for taking on increasing levels of responsibilities over her 4 years at CIC.  She has progressed to currently working in the accounting department handling book keeping and check processing duties.

“We are pleased to be supporting the mission of Christ the King. The students have all been high quality and big contributors to the work environment.  We are happy to play a role in their on-going development.  CIC provides financing to people who own and operate apartment buildings in low and moderate income communities in Chicago. So while we primarily invest in communities and buildings, we see our partnership with CTK as a way to invest in the students growing up in these communities, as well.”

Jack Markowski, President, Community Investment Corporation


On behalf of CTK's students and their families, thank you for your investment. We will work to ensure it continues to pay off for many years to come.