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Fees and Financial Aid

In 2017-2018, it will cost approximately $15,620 to educate each CTK student. That amount is far beyond the means of our students’ families - but our Corporate Work Study Program and generous financial aid put a CTK education within the reach of every student who is admitted.

Students will earn $8,575 of the cost of their 2017-2018 education by participating in the Corporate Work Study Program. Each student also receives a $4,345 scholarship, funded by donors’ gifts.

Although the remaining $2,700 represents only one-sixth of the full cost of a CTK education, it is still beyond the means of almost all CTK families. We therefore award additional, need-based financial assistance to most CTK students. The amount of the award is determined principally by the family’s adjusted gross income and household size. The amount of financial aid may be further increased in light of additional factors and circumstances, such as instability of income, other children’s tuition expenses, unusual medical expenses, financial support of non-dependents, and the like. Families may also apply for adjustments to the award during the school year if financial circumstances change (reduction in hours, loss of job, medical emergencies, etc.)

In 2017-2018, more than 80% of our students will receive need-based financial assistance. The average award is approximately $1,500. With only a few exceptions - cases of extraordinary hardship, such as fire, homelessness, and death - all our families pay something for tuition. Our donors’ generosity enables us to promise that no deserving student will be unable to afford a CTK education because of his or her family’s financial resources. At the same time, families are responsible for paying the net amount of tuition that is due after financial aid has been granted. This is a matter of justice to CTK and fairness to other families.

For questions regarding CTK fees and financial aid, please contact; 
Ms. Williett Hewlett
(773) 261-7505 ext. 244