Identity Leadership Program Comes to CTK

Stedman Graham’s personal struggles growing up in West Virginia and later in finding his true purpose in life, led him to develop the “Identity Leadership Program”. His proprietary Nine-Step Success Process ™ is based on the philosophy that individuals hold the power to their educational, career, and personal success or failure. As he stated, “Individuals should not be defined by their circumstances, but only by their possibilities.”

Mr. Graham has shared his message of “to lead others, you must first be able to lead yourself” in best-selling books for adults and teens, at colleges, non-profits, and businesses throughout the world. With the support of AT&T, he began a partnership with CTK, and in particular our freshmen students and their families this summer. Through their participation in a Leadership Day Program at CTK during their Summer Business Training, our freshmen students were started on a path to becoming self-motivated leaders inspired by their dreams and values, and not reliant on others to define them.

Later in the summer, Mr. Graham conducted a training session with CTK’s freshmen teachers to allow them to reinforce the principles of the program in the classroom throughout the year. According to CTK Principal, Temple Payne, “The Nine-Step Success process will be an integral part of our advisory program, ensuring that from the time they enter our doors, our students are focused on developing their vision and cultivating the leadership skills they will need in order to define their own destinies.”  

Thank you to Stedman Graham and AT&T for bringing this life-changing program to CTK and helping to develop the next generation of leaders.