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Life as a CTK Student

High expectations and high support define the Christ the King experience. We expect students to maintain a culture of excellence and peace as they go about their business in the classrooms, travel the hallways, eat and socialize in the cafeteria, compete on the courts and playing fields and perform on their jobs. Likewise, the faculty and staff guarantee to give each student their best and believe that every admitted student is capable of success. Everything we do is aimed toward the goal of helping our students to become “men and women for others” who graduate from CTK as intellectually competent individuals, open to growth, religion, and love. Beyond this, CTK students have positive work experience and are committed to doing justice.
The CTK Curriculum
Academically, our students are challenged with a college preparatory curriculum that meets or exceeds college admissions standards.

CTK Graduation Requirements:
English: 4 Credits
Foreign Language (Spanish): 2 Credits (3 credits available)
Math: 4 Credits
Science: 4 Credits
Social Studies: 4 Credits
Religion: 4 Credits
Fine Arts: 1 Credit
Wellness/Elective: 1 Credit
Corporate Work Study Program: 4 Credits
*Completion of 90 Christian Service Hours*
Total: 28 Credits
CTK Corporate Work Study Program
CTK students will participate in a Corporate Internship Program where they will learn to become dependable, responsible workers with high ethical standards. This program allows students to put to test the leadership skills they learn in the classroom and also experience the dignity of work. Learn more how CTK is a school that works!

Student Support & Guidance at CTK
The school counseling department at Christ the King provides all students with an environment that supports and strengthens student success throughout his or her academics, social and emotional development, and post-secondary choices.

In addition to guidance counselors and pastoral ministers, CTK also has a dedicated college counselor whose responsibility is to guide and advise students as they search for and apply to colleges, seek scholarships and financial aid, and make college decisions.

CTK Athletics and Co-curricular Activities
CTK is the Home of the Gladiators, and students here get involved outside of school and work. We offer teams and clubs in a variety of areas. What is your passion? Is it running or basketball? Dance or spoken word performance? Theater or volleyball? In addition to athletics, students can participate in many clubs and groups to develop their social, business and leadership skills. Visit our Student Life page for information about Student Council, Peer Ministry, Student Action Leadership Team (SALT) and the Social Justice Club.The list grows as the school grows and students expand their areas of interest.

Girls’ Sports
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Track & Field
Boys’ Sports
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Track & Field
  • Volleyball
Visit the CTK Athletics Page for more information on Gladiator Sports!

Religious and Spiritual Life at CTK
CTK is unique in many ways, including our religious tradition and faith-based approach. We are the first Catholic high school to open on the West Side in over 85 years, but we invite students of all faiths to make us their college prep high school of choice. We recognize that we must educate the mind, the body and the spirit to truly make a difference in our students’ lives. We are steeped in the 450-year-old Jesuit tradition of education that compels the entire school to do everything “ad majorem Dei gloriam”, a Latin phrase meaning “for the greater glory of God.”

Daily morning prayer and scripture, religious studies classes, retreats and participation in liturgical and other faith services are all integrated into our curriculum and schedule, and students are required to participate in all of these activities. Students are welcome to bring their own experiences of faith different from Catholicism to conversations and learning, and those who come with no faith tradition often begin to find a spiritual home right here at CTK.

A pillar of Jesuit education is putting one’s words into action, so all students serve others who are less fortunate through our Christian Service program. They feed the homeless, tutor children, visit the elderly and perform service at home and at school. Our students are committed to doing justice and are a force for good on the West Side.
If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at 773-261-7505 ×245.

Sequence of Courses in Core Academic Areas

Freshmen Year
  • Math: Algebra I or Geometry
  • Science: Integrated Science
  • English: English I: Intro to Literature
  • Social Studies: Civics/Government
  • Religion: Religious Studies I: Scripture
  • Study Skills or Math Extension
  • Enrichment: 1 Semester Technology & 1 Semester Music
Sophomore Year
  • Math: Algebra II or Geometry
  • Science: Biology
  • English: English II: World Literature
  • Social Studies: World History 
  • Religion: Religious Studies II: Catholic Faith Foundations
  • Languages: Spanish I
  • Enrichment: 1 Semester Music
    & 1 Semester Wellness
Junior Year
  • Math: Geometry or Pre-Calculus*
  • Science: Chemistry
  • English: English III: US Literature
  • Social Studies: US History or AP History
  • Religion: Religious Studies III: Morality/Black Catholic Spirituality
  • Languages: Spanish II
  • Enrichment: 1 semester College Prep & 1 semester Wellness
Senior Year
  • Math: Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus/AP Statistics*
  • Science: Mathematical Physics
  • English: English IV: African-American Studies
  • Social Studies: AP Psychology or African-American History
  • Religion: Religious Studies IV: Catholic Social Teaching
  • Enrichment: 1 semester College Prep & 1 semester Consumer Economics

*Religious Studies is required of all students, although students do not have to be Catholic to attend CTK.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: Available to juniors and seniors in the following subject areas: English, Math, Social Studies and History

In the Jesuit tradition, CTK teachers engage students in spirited discussions during class. Many teachers have advanced degrees in their subject areas, and they challenge students to think critically, solve problems creatively, articulate clearly in written and spoken word, reflect on their learning, and bring their own backgrounds and experiences into the classroom. The challenges are high, but the learning is exciting!