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Fine Arts

At CTK, we believe the knowledge of art and theater is an important aspect of a well-rounded education. Offering courses in theater and art, the Fine Arts Department provides students with positive opportunities for self-expression.

Emphasizing art and theater appreciation as well as artistic and musical expression, the department encourages CTK students to think independently and confidently.

Courses offered by the Fine Arts Department at CTK


In this course: 
  • Students will be able to understand the different types and styles of theater.
  • Students will work individually, in pairs, and in groups to put on productions.

  • Students will memorize, cut, and stage theater scenes.

  • Students will explore different jobs of theater both on and off stage.


This course explores the fundamental media, techniques and processes of the art form. Students will compose art works as a form of creative expression leading to greater awareness of self and of the world. Through exploration of a variety of art works, with an emphasis on aesthetic judgement and appreciation, students understand art as a historical and cultural expression of values, as well as an agent of social change.