Christ the King Jesuit College Prep serves deserving students who come from economically disadvantaged circumstances. With a median family income of $26,861 for a family of 5, 100% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Every CTK student earns a significant portion of the cost of his or her education by working at one of our corporate partners through our Corporate Work Study Program. Each family commits to pay an appropriate amount of tuition, based on their financial situation. Even after a student's earnings and his or her family's contribution, there is a gap of approximately $6,000 to fully fund a CTK education.

Gifts to the Adopt-A-Student Program fund the difference between what each student earns in his or her Corporate Work Study job and his or her family tuition payments. This three-tiered partnership of support makes a CTK education possible for our students.

We invite you to consider supporting our students by sponsoring a student with a gift of $6,000 - or making a gift of any amount to the Adopt-A-Student Program. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Ms. Maureen Kelly, [email protected] or call 773-413-3509.

Make a Gift to the Adopt-A-Student Program