Dean of Students

CTK’s Dean of Students is available to help guide student life and maintain a safe, disciplined environment for the benefit and growth of all CTK students. 

Dress Code
  • Male students must wear dress pants, dress shoes, a button-down long-sleeve dress shirt with a tie, and a belt. 
  • Female students must wear a button-down dress blouse with dress pants or a skirt and dress shoes. 
  • Hair styles, make-up, and jewelry should be professional and conservative at all times   

Attendance Policy
Students should be in school every day in order to succeed. It is the expectation of the school that parents will conduct family business with this in mind, and it should also become the expectation of the student to be present every day. The school recognizes the fact that students will become ill at times, necessitating absence from school. However, the school requests strongly that parents avoid scheduling events and appointments during school days if at all possible.

Absence Policy
Please review the CTK Student Handbook for additional information on absences.

Unanticipated Absences: Unanticipated absences include illness and unavoidable emergencies. A parent or guardian must call the school at (773)261-7505 before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence and briefly state to a school employee the nature of the unforeseen absence. A phone call must be made for each day the student is absent, and parents are asked not to leave a voicemail or email rather than speaking to a person.

 Returning to School After an Absence: Upon returning to Christ the King after each absence, the student must report to the Dean's Office between 7:30 — 8:00 a.m. The student must present to the Dean an absence note from a parent or guardian with an acceptable excuse. After the absence note is accepted, the student will receive pass to proceed to class. If the absence was on a work day the student will also be required to report to the Corporate Work Study office directly after seeing the Dean. The student will be required to schedule their make-up day at that time.  If a student does not have a note from a parent or guardian he or she will be assigned a detention for each day thereafter until a note is submitted. Students absent from school may not participate in any school activity held the day of the absence, including but not limited to sports, dances, student activities and retreats. Students risk losing academic credit for days missed due to extended absences for any reason other than illness.  For more on absences from work see the section in the CTK Student Handbook titled “Corporate Work Study Absence Policy.”

Anticipated Absences: On extremely rare occasions (e.g., a family funeral) a student's family will know ahead of time that he or she will be absent from school. An anticipated absence requires that the parent or guardian write a note to the Dean of Students at least one week in advance, if possible, in order to notify the student's teachers and arrange for homework to be done in advance. The Dean of Students will then issue an Anticipated Absence or Early Release form to the student to be completed prior to departure from Christ the King. If the student will miss a work day they will also receive an Absence Make-up Form from the Dean and will be required to report to the Corporate Work Study office to schedule their make-up day at that time. Upon returning to school, the student must report to the Dean's Office to obtain an admit slip. Please note that such absences are not necessarily excused.

For more information about the policies and procedures contact, 

Mr. Marcus Whittlesey
Dean of Students
[email protected]
(773) 261-7505 ext. 239
CTK’s - Policies and Procedures are outlined in the CTK Student Handbook.