The Application Process

Easy - Four Step Admissions Process

Our Admissions Team is no longer accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year. Admissions for the 2022 - 2023 school year will open beginning September 7, 2021. Please see below for the updated admissions process.

  1. Complete an Application – We accept applications from current 8th graders and transfer students up until junior year. CTK does not require an entrance exam.

Applications can also be emailed:

If you have the ability to scan or take clear pictures of a paper application, you may do so and then email the scanned completed application to one of our team members, Mrs. Gail Clark or Ms. Sandra Briseño

The application must be complete and include all requested attachments when it is submitted in order to be eligible for a family interview. If you need assistance uploading requested attachments, please contact our Admissions Team. All applications will undergo review by the application committee, who will determine if an applicant should be invited for a family interview based on the paperwork that is submitted. Each family will be given a status update by the Admissions Office. If the applicant is not invited for a family interview, they will be notified in writing and all personal documents will be returned. If the applicant is invited for a family interview, the Admissions Office will send a form to complete to indicate the applicant and parent/guardian’s availability for a remote interview via phone or video.

Freshman Student ApplicationDownload here

Transfer Student Application - Download here

Administrator Recommendation Form  - Download here

Teacher Recommendation Form  - Download here

Online Recommendation Letter - Request Demo - Download here

  1. Attend Family Interview Day – Eligible candidates and at least one parent/guardian will be interviewed via phone or video by CTK administration. Interviews will last approximately 30 minutes.

Applicants will receive an email of confirmation that details the day, time and dial-in number or video link for the family interview. Please view the step-by-step video below on how to join the video or phone interview.


Once all required documents are received, it will take one to two weeks for review. All applicants will receive a call and an email with their acceptance or denial letters attached. 

  1. Confirm Receipt of Decision – After the Family Interviews have been conducted a deliberation committee will review the results. Once a final decision has been made, each family will be notified by the Admissions Office.
  2. Pay Registration Fee – Accepted students who plan to attend CTK must register to secure their seat in the upcoming school year. In the acceptance email, there will be directions on how to submit registration fees and necessary forms. The non-refundable registration fee of $100 ($50 if paid within two weeks of acceptance) must be paid online or mailed in. CTK will not accept cash payments. Registration fees will be received from accepted students on a first come first serve basis. CTK will not have a waiting list or lottery for students who fail to complete the Admissions process.

Please Note : Accepted students who successfully complete the Admissions process must also successfully complete the mandatory Corporate Work-Study Program (CWSP) Summer Business Training Institute. Students who fail to register will not be allowed to participate in the CWSP Summer Business Training Institute.

For questions, regarding CTK admissions and transfers;

  Mrs. Gail Clark
Senior Admissions Officer
(773) 413-3575
Ms. Sandra Briseño
Admissions Officer - Bilingual/Bilingüe
(773) 413-3517


2021-2022 School Year Admissions Events
22/23 Admissions opens September 7th
Virtual Open House
Virtual Information Sessions
Virtual Q&A Session

Admissions Documents & Forms (Available in Fall of 2021)