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Campus Ministry & Christian Service Program

Campus Ministry and Christian Service Program Overview A series of experiences directed to help each student become "a woman or man for others" provides the backbone of the Campus Ministry program. The rigor of the academic curriculum prepares the graduate to succeed in college, but more importantly, it helps the student to develop and hone critical skills in a much larger sense. The school intends to cultivate a consciousness of God's continual presence in the world—in all people and all things—and a passion for justice rooted in faith.


Christ the King Jesuit College Prep challenges its students, parents, faculty, and staff to use their God-given talents in the service of others, with Jesus Christ as our model. While this thinking runs contrary to much of the contemporary understanding of success, Christ the King believes it allows the student to engage in a loving dialogue with the world upon graduation, and to help shape that world into a more just and loving place.


Religious life is an integral and indispensable part of the Christ the King experience. Just as a student matures socially, intellectually, and physically, she or he should also grow spiritually and religiously, deepening her or his relationship with God, and acting on that faith in the world. To that end, Christ the King combines the academic discipline of Religious Studies with a program of worship, retreats, and service. The office of Campus Ministry at Christ the King coordinates all liturgies and retreats, and the office of Christian Service offers opportunities for service, ensuring that students have the chance to grow in their commitment to a faith that does justice.


Liturgies and Prayer: Each school day begins and ends with a community prayer.  This prayer is a reminder to us that it is from Jesus Christ that all good things come from God that which our work, play, prayer, and service flow. Students and faculty are actively encouraged to be part of the planning and execution of all school-wide monthly liturgies and prayer services.  Teachers will also begin classes with a prayer in a style that both suits them and their students and reflects the school's Catholic Jesuit character.


Retreat ProgramEach year Christ the King offers students a retreat experience designed to invite them to experience personal and spiritual growth. At each class level, the retreat program has a different theme that builds to the next year and, ultimately, to the culminating Senior Kairos retreat experience.


Freshmen Retreat: This is an all-day retreat that introduces our freshmen to some of the philosophy behind a Christ the King education. More specifically, the retreat will build around changes, challenges and commitment that many of our new students face. 

Sophomore Retreat: This is an all-day off campus retreat that introduces our sophomores to the concepts of building and maintaining positive relationships with friends, family, and God.

Junior Overnight Retreat: This is a gender specific two-day, one-night off campus retreat experience that gives juniors the opportunity to participate in faith based discussions and structured activities to help them form deeper relationships and quality time to reflect on issues of the heart and soul.

Senior Kairos RetreatKairos, or God's time, is an intensive three-day, two-night off campus retreat for seniors. Led by trained adults and student leaders, this is the final, culminating senior spiritual event that gives 12th graders a deeply transformative experience.


Christian Service: As a school, Christ the King organizes a variety of service opportunities; however, it is each student's responsibility to complete the required service hours for advancement to the next grade level.

Freshmen are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of Christian service.

Sophomores are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of Christian service.

Juniors are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours of Christian service.

Seniors are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Christian service.


Service hours may be completed through a combination of work at Christ the King, at approved non-profit agencies, or at home.  Students should always be sure a service site qualifies as an approved agency by the school's standards. Students should speak to the Director of Christian Service before completing hours at any agency; the school may refuse to give credit for hours completed at unapproved agencies.  No more than 5 hours per year may be completed in the home or for family.  These hours must be over and above the student’s usual responsibilities at home.


Students must document their service hours by submitting a Service Hours Record Form each time they serve.  Students must fill out the form completely and provide their supervisor's contact information along with the supervisor's signature,verifying the hours. 


Service hours MUST be submitted within the quarter for which they were completed.  The deadline for submitting hours are as follows:


Quarter 1 & Summer Service hours:  Due October 16, 2019

Semester 1 deadline/Quarter 2 hours:  Due December 17, 2019

Quarter 3 hours:  Due March 18, 2020

Semester 2 deadline/Quarter 4 hours:  Due June 1, 2020 (May 15, 2020 for graduating seniors)


In addition, service hour completion will be tracked on the student's report card.  HALF of the required hours for the year are due in the first semester as outlined above.  The rest of the hours must be completed by the second semester deadline as outlined above. Any hours unfinished at the end of the second semester must be completed over the summer. If service hours remain incomplete at the beginning of the following school year, the student will be ineligible for all CTK sports and extracurricular activities until his or her service hours are completed. 


Students who do not complete the minimum of 90 service hours by the time set forth by the Director of Christian Service will NOT be eligible to graduate from Christ the King Jesuit.