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The English Department

The English Department


Rooted in the Jesuit tradition, the CTK English Department offers courses that will challenge students to become open to growth personally, spiritually and intellectually. The department is committed to developing students who read, reflect, speak and write both critically and creatively.

Coursework will concentrate on developing both oral and compositional skills, as well as an understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures and philosophies. Textual analysis will focus on key pieces of literature that confront social justice issues, encouraging our students to maintain a sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.

Courses offered by the English Department at CTK

English I: Intro to Literature

  • This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts and processes that will be essential in high school and beyond, including the writing process, research skills, reading comprehension strategies, critical analysis, oral presentation, and a meaningful exchange of ideas. Ninth grade students will read, write and analyze narrative and expository texts to gain an understanding of the world and themselves and to communicate more effectively with others. This course will be taught in the historical and social context of selected literature in order to further students’ understanding of themselves, their community, and the world.

English II: World Literature

  • This course will continue to strengthen and further develop fundamental concepts and processes that were introduced in the ninth grade. Students are expected to apply strategies for developing vocabulary, using appropriate Standard English, and thinking critically while engaged in the writing process, research process, and communication skills. Sophomore students will use narrative and expository texts that will broaden their understanding of viewpoints beyond their own.

English III: US Literature

  • This course builds upon the skills introduced in the first two years of high school English. Students will read, write and analyze both literary and expository texts with increasing independence. Junior students will demonstrate competency in using the writing process to think through and then write about increasingly complex topics for different audiences, purposes and formats. They will employ multimedia to formally and informally present information, will actively use sophisticated reading strategies to encounter new literary texts and connect with previously studied material. Using learned strategies, students will also be able to make choices for effective listening.

English IV: African-American Literature

  • This course refines and deepens the speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking skills practiced in junior year. Students will refine their competency in the writing process by independently selecting and manipulating writing strategies to create polished work using African-American literature and discourse. This course anticipates and practices the skills necessary to read and write across disciplines at a college level.