Summer Business Training

Each summer for two weeks, volunteers and staff run the Summer Business Training for incoming Freshmen. Students study the basics in communications, computer skill building and ethics for the workplace. Students begin their work assignments in late August having mastered this core programming and ready to receive targeted training at their work sites.

The 2019 Summer Business Training took place the weeks of Monday, July 8th, and Monday, July 15rd (Monday - Friday each week).

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped teach our newest students the hard and soft skills needed to successfully contribute in their work study jobs.   

If you are interested in volunteering, please CLICK HERE to view class schedules and sign up. We would also appreciate your help in spreading the word to others who might be interested!

Thank you to the many individuals and companies who volunteered for this year's Summer Business Training!

Information about the 2020 Summer Business Training will be available later in the school year.