Family Assistance Fund


Christ the King Jesuit College Prep has established the Family Assistance Fund to provide financial relief to school families facing temporary economic hardship.  The Fund  is designed to keep students in school by relieving families of the difficult choice of addressing financial emergency versus paying tuition.  This is consistent with CTK's mission of educating all eligible students regardless of change a families financial circumstances.  

Based on past school years, we anticipate that approximately 15% of our families, plus 5-10 alumni, will seek assistance during this school year totaling $45,000. 

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The root causes of financial hardship exist everywhere, but are more common and acute in the low income neighborhoods that CTK serves.  Examples include:

  • Unemployment
  • Lack of child support payments
  • Severe illness
  • Change in household composition
  • Lost apartment lease
  • Foreclosure and eviction
  • Theft of personal items
  • Fire or flood emergency

When our families seek financial assistance it can be for a variety of immediate basic needs, the most prevalent being:

  • Temporary or transitional lodging
  • Medical and utility bills
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • College-related expenses

Data from the Cristo Rey Network indicates that financial hardship often prohibits students from graduating college. Some funds from the Family Assistance Fund will be used to promote college completion. 

In the Austin neighborhood, unemployment is over 20%, or almost two times the national average, and with a median family income of $21,231 for a family of five, a financial hardship is often only a step away.  The Family Assistance Fund helps keep CTK students in school when families experience financial emergencies.



CTK has three formal giving levels to support the Family Assistance Fund.
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000
The school can also support a letter-writing initiative or event designed to raise funds for the Family Assistance Fund.