CTK Graduate Continues to Seek Out New Growth Opportunities

LaShae’ Mobley is someone who takes chances that can help her grow as a person. So far in her young life, she has made the most of new opportunities at CTK, Taylor University, graduating with a BA in Graphic Arts, and in her post-graduate work roles, including her current position at the Village of Broadview. Along the way, she has taken something positive from each of her experiences, starting with Christ the King. “CTK definitely gives you the tools needed to prepare you for whatever path you may go down. I’m more open to learning and trying new things. CTK has prepared me for each step on my journey.”

Although initially reserved, LaShae “found her niche” at CTK and got involved in a wide variety of activities including basketball (team captain), softball, National Honor Society (treasurer), and took a memorable summer service trip to Kentucky. That experience sparked in her the desire to help people, something she’d like to pursue in the future personally and possibly even professionally. She also took advantage of her Corporate Work Study Program experience to learn from several mentors during her four years working at Insurance Auto Auctions. Looking back on that experience, she recognizes the skills she gained were later used in college, especially in effectively managing her time and interacting with her professors, and today in her job. She also acknowledges the support she received from CTK’s faculty, in particular, Ms. Dowell, Ms. Olson, Mr. Bajner, Mr. Laughlin, and Mr. Zundel, who helped her while she was at CTK and in preparing her for college.

Mr. Zundel, then CTK’s College Counselor, prompted her in her senior year at CTK to apply before the looming deadline for an ActSix college scholarship. ActSix provides full college scholarships to urban students looking to use their college educations to make a difference in their communities. Taylor University partnered with ActSix to attract more minority students to their small, Christian, liberal arts college in Upland, Indiana.  When she started the application process, LaShae was unfamiliar with Taylor, but knew she needed financial support to afford a college education. She went through a 3-phase process to determine qualification, with the last part an overnight stay at Taylor that included a series of interviews and interaction with current students. As a first-generation college student, it was stressful but an important experience to see firsthand what life would be like there, and ultimately if she could picture herself as a student at Taylor. She could, and was awarded the coveted scholarship.  While at Taylor, she connected with students and staff through the Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP), becoming part of the Gospel Choir, and later co-president of the Black Student Union. Attending a Christian school also helped her grow in her already strong faith. She cited the community at Taylor as the best part of her experience, having formed a lot of strong friendships during her time there.

LaShae has worked at a couple of different jobs since she graduated, in each case she started as an intern and was hired full time after proving herself. She currently works in an administrative role at the Village of Broadview supporting the staff there, including the village’s mayor and commissioner. She says, “To me, each experience is about what can you gain to help you grow.” She feels that her speaking and people skills have been further developed in early work experiences. She is currently going through the process of discerning what to do next. She is considering fields that will allow her to better use her creative/artistic abilities in a design capacity. She also is drawn to helping people to discover their purpose in life, and would ideally like to carve out a career that combines her two areas of interest.  

Whatever path LaShae chooses, she will continue to bet on herself. LaShae shares this advice with CTK students, “Find your purpose, and remain true to yourself. But remain open to new opportunities. And remember to establish connections and relationships with people who will help you on your journey.”