Fr. Gregory J. Boyle, Author of NYT Bestselling book, "Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion" visits CTK

Fr. Boyle shared several real-life stories about former gang members and the impact they have had on his life. He reminded us all how important community is and that we should all strive to “stand in awe in what others carry, not stand in judgment of what they carry.”

“Fr. Boyle inspired our student and reinforced the commitment to service emphasized in our grad at grad profile,” said CTK President, Clement Martin. “Our students’ efforts in our local community, serving at food pantries, dignity breakfast highlight our dedication to be men and women for and with others.”

Throughout the assembly, Fr. Boyle used stories about his “homies”— referring to former gang members and employees at Homeboy—to illustrate the powerful effect that simple acts of kindness have on the everyday lives of others. The gymnasium was silent as the students, faculty and staff listened to each heartbreaking story. Fr. Boyle also spoke of the importance of creating a community of kinship and how people are a whole lot more than the worst thing they’ve ever done. He also interjected humorous stories as well while he educated everyone with his first-hand experience with those on the outskirts of society.

After his presentation, Fr. Boyle answered student questions and we learned how Homeboy Industries founded in 1988 is now “the largest gang intervention, rehab, and re-entry program in the United States.” Today Homeboy Industries nonprofit economic development enterprises include Homeboy Bakery, Homeboy Silkscreen, Homeboy/Homegirl Merchandise, and Homegirl Café.

CTK junior Javon had this to say “I loved his talk. He made me realize that the world can be a better place if we put in effort to change it.” Fr. Boyle made a lasting impression on the students, faculty, staff, and guests of Christ the King Jesuit College Prep. It was a memorable day for the CTK community! Thank you, Fr. Boyle, for your visit and your inspiring words!
Source: Posted by Ms. Danyell Boyd - 3/18/2015