Blackhawks and Gladiators Hit the Ice

On an unseasonably warm February day, 50 freshmen and sophomore students laced up at the Bobby Hull Community Rink in Cicero with former Blackhawks players Jamal Mayers, Ben Eager, and Daniel Carcillo. For most students, this was their first time skating.

“Growing up, there was nothing like the feeling of learning to skate, and skating outdoors is very special. Knowing that many of the students hadn’t been on skates before, I was eager to open up the opportunity for them to try something new,” shared Danny Wirtz, Vice Chairman of Breakthru Beverage Group. “From hesitation to hot-dogging, the group of CTK students
picked up skating pretty quickly and were soon whizzing around the ice, having fun with each other.”

The Stanley Cup Champions patiently coached some of the more timid students, posed for selfies, and signed autographs. Our students also received Blackhawks stocking caps as a souvenirs to remember this special day.

Many of our students don’t have the opportunity to play outside and just be kids, so this care-free morning on the ice was a welcome haven, despite the slippery surface. From learning to ice skate, to working in a corporate office five days a month, to learning Latin, our students embrace the opportunity to be different. Thank you to Mr. Wirtz and the Chicago Blackhawks for this incredible experience