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Peer Ministry

Peer Ministers are living examples of Christ in the world. They
demonstrate a spirit of service among their fellow students and the larger
school community by their willingness to be involved and by giving of
their time and their hearts in gestures of charity.

Peer Ministers are leaders among the student body. They accept
responsibility to generate ideas for the spiritual well-being of the school
and then bring those ideas to fruition.

Peer Ministers are motivated by a desire to serve God joyfully within
their peer community, which is their mission.

Students in Peer Ministry help nourish the spirituality of Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School at many levels:

Prayer – Peer Ministers will be involved in planning and leading
daily morning prayer services.

Liturgy - Peer Ministers will be involved in various aspects of the
school-wide masses.

Art and Environment – Peer Ministers with artistic ability are
encouraged to use their talent to beautify the worship spaces. They
help create highly-visible bulletin boards in key areas of the school
as reminders of God's presence in our lives.

Retreats - Peer Ministers will help plan and prepare the details of
freshman and sophomore retreats. Leadership is
demonstrated most visibly on the days of retreat
when students lead discussions and activity groups, give
talks, or share their musical or acting abilities.

Ministering - Peer Ministers will use their own unique gifts and talents to minister to other students. They can be particularly effective with students who may not feel comfortable in sharing their difficulties with professors, parents or pastors.


Ms. Cheryl Cattledge
(773) 261-7505 ext. 286

Our 2017 - 2018
Peer Ministry Team:

Marlecia Brown '18
Timothy Caldwell '18
Tyler Curry '18
Angel Davis '18
Jazlyn Davis '18
Nykeshia Dunford '19
Gwendolyn Lazenby '19
Makiah McBride '18
Anya Melton '18
Juqueisha Miller '18
Alexander Palmer '18
Jenelle Peters '19
Monica Powell '18
Johnnetta Walker '18
John Wilson '18