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Partner with the CWSP - Develop Your Future Workforce

Partnering with the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is easy, cost-effective, and it works. Here’s how:

  • The program runs annually from late August through mid-June. Academic schedules are structured so that students are available to work without missing class.
  • The CWSP is the students' employer, handling all Department of Labor Workers' Comp, payroll, taxes, and other employment requirements. The CWSP is a separate 501c3 from the school.
  • Employees are screened, trained, and transported to and from your site by the school. Student workers have a 96% average daily on-the-job attendance.
  • Students complete tasks which allow other full-time employees to concentrate on more specialized tasks.
  • A team of CWSP coordinators serve as your day-to-day contacts for any challenges that arise.
  • The fee is a cost-effective alternative to employing a full-time worker or contractor.
  • Filling entry-level jobs with our students helps to stabilize high-turnover positions and reduce burnout.
  • Different departments can share the cost of the position and the student workers' time.
  • The fee is a business expense, NOT a charitable donation.

...and it Works
  • Businesses report that a CWSP team adds fresh energy, enthusiasm, diversity, and productivity to the workplace. The students' presence raises satisfaction among staff who enjoy the direct contact with students, and appreciate playing a role in their development and education.
  • Deserving, low-income students are able to earn 65% of the cost of their tuition to Christ the King.
  • Most students return to the same job site throughout their time at Christ the King. Time initially spent training students will pay dividends as they grow in their careers with you and take on more complex tasks.
  • Job partners and students build their professional networks. Job partners hire CTK alumni and are building qualified and talented diversity for future leadership within their company/industry.
  • The "school that works", which began in 1996 at Chicago's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, is now a nationally recognized model of thirty-seven Cristo Rey Network schools across the country. Nearly two thousand companies in corporate America partner with the program.

To watch an introductory video on the Corporate Work Study Program Click HERE